Are Ghosts Real?

The question of are ghosts real has got to be the most hotly debated question on the subject of the paranormal. Whether they existence or not is the whole basis for the majority of the paranormal subject. Within this section i will address several of the most common arguments for and against their existence as well as easy to understand theories on what they are and how they are created as well as how they are able exist here.

The first thing i will cover is the age old question of are ghosts real? first of all if your looking for a straight forward answer to this i would just say yes they are real but its not that simple. Because no one can actually come up to you and say "this is indisputable evidence they are real", it all comes down to personal belief. However, there are some things out there that a lot of people would class as evidence, for example, please study the picture below:

Just in case you cant make out the picture very well, on the right hand side is a human shaped figure wearing a dark robe with a long white beard. This picture is one of the most famous ghost pictures there is because no one has been able to prove it as a fake. Also it has been proven not to be the result of double exposure and due to the photo being taken in 1963, it would be impossible for someone to edit the image on a computer photo program, because such photo editing software simply didn't exist then.

Some people would call that proof, some people would call it interesting but their still not convinced, and others would call it fake. I'm sorry for not being able to provide any straight forward proof, but this subject seems to be one that neither side will prevail in the long standing argument of their existence.

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