Stringfellow Memorial Hospital, Anniston



The Stringfellow memorial hospital first opened its doors in 1938 after Susie Parker Stringfellow's death in 1920, where she left money and plans for the development of a hospital. The hospital first opened as a 10-bed tuberculosis hospital and has now expanded into a large, multi-functional hospital that is the main one for the area. It is still open to this day.


There are two main reports of hauntings at this location, the first is thought to be that of Mrs Stringfellow herself, she was said to be a keen organ player and nurses often report the sounds of an organ being played late at night from the chapel, however upon inspection, no one is found to be in there playing.

The second most common report is that of one of the past patients there, who is said to of committed suicide in one of the rooms by shooting himself in the head, various patients have reported seeing blood on the walls and the ghostly figure of a headless man sitting in the corner of the room where the suicide took place.

top of Stringfellow memorial hospital

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