Zillah, washington.... Haunted house

by Crissy

Ok where to start. I was really young, and we had just moved into this older house from the early 1960's......I think it was 1102 Maple way in Zillah. The first few months were ok, but then some weird stuff started happening. We did some research on the house and this girl I used to know in 1st grade her brother had hung himself in the basement of the house..then I found out some other people were doing seances in the house. That scared me..bad.

So after that...about a month after weird stuff..I mean even weirder than before started happening....Me and my sister were watching The haunting on the couch....BAD IDEA.....and we were right next to the stairs that lead up to my room one of my bouncy balls started bouncing down stairs...I mean it was a strait bounce one right after another. Then I moved into my mom's bed to sleep...I was little so....I asked my mom for something to drink and I got out of bed to go get it and I was in a trance....I just wouldn't stop walking...I walked outside then back in and finally I just dropped to the floor crying. I never told my mom why, but I got like visions in my head of a little girl..soon to be talked about and I just got back up and went to bed. The next week at night we ( Me, my mom and my sister ) had felt something and this is a little weird we were asking questions to a little girl. She would open out cd drive things to one of those old Dell computers and we
had found out she was 11 when she died and that she would be about 60 something this year. Next I woke up one Night and I went to the bathroom to well go and when I was done I stood up and I saw something black with red eyes staring at me. I was soo scared I couldn't move.I think I fainted and I woke up on the floor still and my mom was shaking me trying to wake me up. After that we had not noticed that much for about 4 months...then me and my niece were down in the basement and we heard a BLOOD CURTLING scream..We were frozen for a min then we RAN as fast as we could upstairs. We told our parents, but they said it was a chair or something? I was soo mad. The next day my friends Cassidy and Sarah come over we were talking about stuff in our basement...and remember we were only like 7 or 8. We were asking questions to it like stomp 2 for yes and stomp 1 for no. It WORKED! I was scared we asked if she...yes it was a she liked ponies. We were little kids so we didn't know better. She stomped 2 and then she came out of the corner and we were so scared we ran away and closed the door. She kept hitting the door for a few min then it became quiet. She had black and curly hair, pale face, and red lipstick. I WAS SOO SCARED! There is more, but for all who will read this... Your gunna have to find out yourself.

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