Yvonne Finley - San Bernardino CA

by Yvonne D. Finley
(San Bernardino, CA)

I once lived in a {REAL HAUNTED HOUSE located at E & Marshall - 3155 N. E Street in San Bernardino about 1975/1976.?} It was an old Spanish style home probably built in the early 40s. We lived there for about 7 weeks and then ?MOVED LIKE HELL.?

I was raised in San Bernardino and my husband from Louisiana. We moved to Louisiana for a while then returned to San Bernardino staying at the old Civic motel behind the old San Bernardino Post Office for a week till we found this rental house on North E Street.

The rent was very low? due to shopping center across the street etc. Why? Little did we know!!! No matter what I did to that house it never ever felt like home. I was constantly freezing in that house, had the thermostat up to 95 degrees and wrapped in a blanket at the same time.

My daughter who was about 8 years old at the time began walking in her sleep at night. She got up one night grabbed a newspaper washed her face with it, walked to the front door opened it and began to walk across the front yard attempting to cross the street, I of course followed her grabbing her shoulders directing her back into the house.

My husband would come home from work saying? my God it's hotter than hell in this house? as he opened the windows and doors. I would tell him I was freezing!!!

I met the neighbor Mrs. Hadie about 93 years old but very spry and alert. She would leave apples and oranges on my step to the kitchen but she would never come into the house. She and her husband had built their house in the late 30s or early 40s, she remained in her home after his death.

I would be outside watering the front yard when neighbors would walk past asking, how are you doing in the house? I thought what a strange question for neighbors to ask especially my not knowing them. Mrs. Hadie also asked the same question a couple times. I would reply with fine but can't make this house feel like home. She didn't say anything, she would just look at me with a strange smile.

My husband Jim was a very easy going man who never ever screamed or yelled at anyone. While living in this house his attitude started changing becoming argumentive and wanting to move back to Louisiana, I said no we just moved back. We began fighting and arguing with his personality changing and becoming distant.

We argued one night, I decided to grab a blanket and pillow to sleep on the sofa which I had never done during our marriage. He walked down the hall to our bedroom and went to bed. I laid on the sofa when suddenly I heard a womans voice in my right ear saying don't sleep here, he will shoot you!? I jumped up ran down the hall climbed into bed, I looked at the back of his head thinking what the hell was that and my husband would never ever do something like that. I fell asleep looking at the back of his head.

I went to work the next morning thinking about this womans voice in my ear, I could actually feel her warm breath on my ear as she spoke. When I came home finding my husband had left a note and had taken some of his stuff on his way to Louisiana. I was in shock!!!

Mrs. Hadie came to my door asking if all was alright because she had seen my husband leave. I told her my husband had left for Louisiana. I also explained he wasn't that type of person to do something like this.
I told her about the womans voice and her warning. That's when Mrs. Hadie told me the story about the husband who had shot and killed his wife and then committed suicide in the house. Mrs. Hadie told me their names but I can't remember them, which has driven me crazy since trying to remember.

Mrs. Hadie told me eight different families had moved into this house in the past year and eight families had split up moving out of the house after only a month or so. Seems the house is HAUNTED!

She told me a single women owned this house then remarried, they continued to live in her house. Mrs. Hadie said they both worked leaving for work like clockwork and then late one morning both their cars were still in the driveway. Mrs. Hadie said she called her husband to come look questioning why would their cars would still be at home on a work day? She told her husband something must be wrong and she was going to see. She rung the door bell and knocked with no answer. She then told her husband to pry the door open, he said no you can't do that, she said watch me and grabbed a crowbar prying the back door open. Mrs, Hadie found the woman dead on the sofa and her husband across the room dead on the love seat sofa.

Seems they argued, this woman grabbed a pillow and blanket deciding to sleep on the sofa, her husband went down the hall to the bathroom, loaded a gun came back, shot killing his wife. He then grabbed a photo of his kids from the top of the fire place mantle leaving a hand written will on the back of the photo, leaving all to his kids. He then went to the love seat and shot himself committing suicide. Seems this may have been in the early 1950s.

I remember scrubbing the brownish spot {stain} in front of my love seat in the living room. Mrs. Hadie told me I had arranged my furniture in the same way the couple had their furniture arranged.

Well that did it for me, not one more night in that house. I grabbed a Uhaul truck and my little grandma AND OFF WE WENT! My grandma laughed saying don't be scared of the dead, it's the live ones who will get you.

By the way my husband came back home within a month. I had rented an apartment on North Sierra Way, needless to say ?I then had the major attitude?. He was the same person he was before we moved into that house.

After we moved from this house it became a Dental Office and later a Chiropractic Office to this day. I lived in that house when I was about 27 years old , I am now 64 years old. I will carry the memory of this house to my grave. On occasion we drive past this house remembering our experiences in the house.

The only thing that has changed is the large window in the front of the house, now replaced with a large square type and the old garage has been torn down. I think they poured a new driveway.

If anyone knows of this house or the names of the people who lived there please email me at {y1von2@aol.com} I hope to find the news article pertaining to this murder suicide.

I was told by Mrs. Hadie they both had some type of City jobs, then recently I met a man who knew something about this house saying they moved to San Bernardino in 1954 and remembers as they drove past this house his aunt told them a Dentist had shot killing his wife the committed suicide.

Please any information Greatly Appreciated!

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Jul 23, 2018
Hadie NEW
by: Anonymous

I lived on Stoddard from 1978-82 and shared my back yard wall with Hadie. I was in my twenties and flying C-141s at Norton AFB. Hadie was just a wonderful old woman (~90) with a fantastic sense of humor. I loved chatting over the wall with her as we worked in our yards or going over for some great conversation. I really miss her.

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