young ghost down the hall

by James A.
(Brawley, CA.)

This is the first time I have ever really seen a full bodied spirit, and it seemed to me to be in an unlikely place at an unlikely time of the day, but, It's absolutely true and it just happend 4 days ago.

It was Saturday afternoon, Sept. 6th, 2014 and my wife and I had just drove up to Corona , CA. from our home about two and a half hours away to celebrate the wedding of one of our nephews. We arrived at our hotel destination at the Springhill Suites in Corona, just off I15 and the 91 frw. At the check in we noticed another large group that was attending another wedding reception. We asked the desk clerk if we could possibly get a room that would be away from this other group. After a few minutes, we went to our room on the top floor which was the 4th floor, room 423. We freshend up to attend our nephews reception only a few minutes away.

The reception was very nice, and we visited with family and friends and eventuall left about 10:00 pm. Got to our room and went to sleep about 11:00pm.

It wa about 10:40 when we were awakend by the sound of someone running from one end of our room and then very hard stomping also above us. I recieved an extremely sharp odor of sulpher or rotten eggs, and asked my wife if she smelled it, and she said she didn't smell anything. All the while the running and stomping above us continued in a repetative sequence. Not a few
minutes later , again the sharp rotten egg odor filled my nose and I immediately covered my nostrills.

The repetitive running and stomping continued and also muffeled pounding on walls ans door slaming, untill it stopped abour 4:30 am. We could hear the person in the room next to us snoring very loud as the AC was cycling on and off. Eventually we got back to sleep and I awoke at about 6:30 and took a shower while my wife continued to sleep. Dressed now, my wife gets to the shower and I said I was going for coffee and pastries to bring back up to the room. It was now about 7ish and I opened up the room door and immediatly affixed my sight on a young man at the very end of the hallway. Our attention was directed towards each other as I noticed his appearance. I would say 12-15 yrs. old, short dark hair, a dark t-shirt, and tan shorts. Nothing that I would consider unusuall, until he immediately side-hopped to his right into a solid wall! I was completely dumbfounded, and slowly walked to where the elevator entrance was, all the time staring at the exit point of this young man. There was no way he could physically have done what I had just seen him do.

Personally, I think this young man was just trying to make us and maybe others who stay in that room, aware of a more sinister presance which explained the sulfer odor, and made himself visible to me so I would know that he was responsible for the noises.

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