Yosemite View Lodge ~ El Portal (just before the entrance to Yosemite)

by Lara Hamilton
(Los Gatos, CA)

This motel is right on the Merced River with stunning views of it. On the second night of our stay (was travelling with a friend), I woke up terrified after seeing a dark shadow-like figure in the room standing near my bed. There was no sound and I could not make out any features ~ only that the height of the dark figure was on the shorter side possibly 5 ft or so. I was so afraid that I called out to my friend in horror and it took well over an hour before I fell asleep again. For some reason, I named the figure the "river people" wondering if the river held some kind of phenomenon or perhaps the spirit of a native being ~ but I'm psychic enough to decern such things. When I returned from the trip yesterday, I did a Web search and found a description from someone who had a similar experience. They did not name the Yosemite View hotel but the description sounded like it and the experience was eerily similar to mine! BTW, I don't have a history of mental illness and drugs use. I have had other psychic experiences but these are usually feelings, and impressions where it's VERY unusual for me to see anything. I was surprised at my level of terror since I'm not given to this kind of fear.

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