Ycastaneda, 3561 n F st

by Yuri castaneda
(San Bernardino ca )

Well my family decided to move to San Bernardino from Los Angeles , I'm I don't remember exactly how old I was when we moved in to the house . But I remember I was about 10/11 yrs old when all my siblings and I started experiencing strange things going on in the house .. My youngest brother actually saw a lady he recalls win a big white dress and black hair covering her face, walk from one side of the wall to the other in the master bedroom ... And we would also hear whistle sing I the middle of the night coming from the back yard , we would also hear the floor cracking as if someone was walking around at night while everyone was asleep and not to mention that house was always cold ..!! What I experienced in that house hat I will never forget was that one day I was about to take a nap I would say around 2 on the afternoon , when all of a sudden I felt some thing crawl on top of me and hold me down , I couldn't move , breath ,talk , I couldn't do anything it felt like I was like that for ever but a few minutes after it came off of me . Shortly after that I would get 3 knocks every night I would stay up late on my window .. I hated that house and we lived there for like 9 years and every time we would tell mom and dad they would tell us it was nothing .. But now hat were older and we bring it up they can't believe what we experienced ..! Just a few years ago I would say, it's been about 4 years since they lost the house and instead of me missing our old house we grew up in I'm actually kind of glad everyone's out of their..!

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