by Robert (Shaggy)
(Syracuse, New York)

I took a photograph class in 10th grade and in the begining of the year i took some photos for a project. Now almost 6 months go by before i even use the picture from this project. When i loaded the picture in the enlager at my school i seen a figure in the closet that was in my photo. The figure looked like a person about 5' tall or you can look at it and see a giant face. I took the photo out and cleaned it to make sure it was not a smudge on the negative. Once i found out that there was no smudges on it i looked at some of the other photos i took about 2 min apart from the one with the figure in it and seen nothing of the sorts in the other pictures. I had realized i had taken a picture of a spirit/ghost. Its funny i brought the picture to my neighbors to show them and they took one look at it and they knew a name just by seeing the figure. They said his name was Tony and one of my neighbors tried reviving Tony and was unsuccessful. I was shocked that my neighbor was able to give me a name just by seeing a silloute.

Experience One
Maybe a week or two after i discovered the picture i was taking a shower at my normal time at 6:00am. When i got out of the shower and started drying myself off i looked up at the light switch and I SEEN THE SWITCH GO DOWN AND TURN OFF THE LIGHT. after that happened i ran out of the bathroom screaming like a school girl would. I told my parents and they were sceptic at first and did not believe my while laughing their asses of at me. (granted it was funny to see your son running and screaming out of the bathroom so i understood why they laughed.)

Experience Two
Probaly a month or so i was again in the bathroom but i was listening to music this time. I got out of the shower, dried off then i went to the kitchen to take care of some dishes while still being able to hear my music. All of the sudden the music stopped and i did not think twice about it i went into the bathroom and turned it back on. AS SOON AS I LEAVE THE BATHROOM THE MUSIC SHUT OFF AGAIN.

Experience Three
I dont remember when this happened but i came home late one night around 2:00am-3:30am and i was walking past the closet i captured the picture of "Tony"
and i heard the door shaking as if someone was shaking the handle for a good 5 seconds. I had my hand on the door as i herd this and i ran from my door to my parents room. as i ran past the closet to get to my parents and it did it again as if it was mocking me becauuse i got a bit scared lol.

Experience Four
This was by far the funniest thing i have witnessed in my life. My mother and father were watching tv with me in the livingroom and my mother decided to do some dishes. We paused the show we were watching and my dad and i just talked to each other untill my mother returned. About 5 min after she started to do the dishes she told me she went to get a dish from the counter and when she turned around to get it there was a can of ravioles on the floor on its side directly behind my mom. She screamed and called for my dad and told him what happened. My dad checked the closet where the food was (where the picture was taken) and a garbage can was holding it closed. My dad put the can back and came to the livingroom with me and not even 2 minutes later my mom screamed even louder this time. My dad and I went to see why she screamed this time and we went into the kitchen to find not one but TWO cans side by side on their side like the first time. By the second time my mother made my dad and I stay in the kitchen with her until she was done. My ddad and i took advantage of this by softly touching her with our fingers to creep her out, it worked and she was pissed lol.

Experience Five
Recently my dad told me that him and the family dog were home alone. My dad was on the computer and the dog was in the livingroom minding her own business. Out of no where my dad hears Sadie(dog) Growling and barking like there was an intruder in the house. My dad discribed her as if she wanted to kill something. My dad also said that he yelled out LEAVE THE DOG ALONE TONY. no further encounters with the dog.

These are all the experiences i could remember, i want to post a picture of the ghost i captured but at the moment im at work being bored typing this up, so i have no access to the picture at this time but when i get home ill be sure to do so.

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Dec 12, 2011
by: Jan

I want to see the picture of Tony. My daughter in VT. took a picture of her fireplace and when she looked at the picture there was a body with a face of nothing but pure evil.

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