We bought this old house that a old man died in way back 70 or so years ago. The house was a fixer uper and needed some loving care. The day I walked into this house I new something was not right.I felt someone watching me at all times.Things started happening right away.My dog would sit by the bottom of the stairs never going up and just stared up and wined looking up the stairs.Every time I would lock my puppy up in her cage which had a safty lock that only a human could unlock she would be out of it. Her cage was stuck inbetween my two walls in my hallway where we had to take it apart to get it out of there.To this day my son who is 27 is still afraid to stay in the house by himself. He had very heavy furnature in his room and it can only fit one way well he was on vacation for a while and me and my husband do not go up stairs which is ware his room is and one day when he came back home all of his furnature was turned upside down,door was closed and blocked from the inside out. Things come up missing, lights go on and off, things fall off the walls, other people have seen this happen. Channels would change on the tv when my son would be home with his friends. My husband had a rott named daisey mae who was really friendly but only in the house she would wine all the time. One day we woke up to her wareing my husbands new shirt I just bought him. She was sleeping on the floor with the shirt on the right way.Don't know how she got it on because she was a big fat dog but I had a very hard time taking it off without ripping it. My husband was very mad.The ghost has never hurt anyone but you get tired of things happening.

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