by diane

I am back to tell more of my haunted house experiences.Things that happen in my house are unexplainable.One night it had to be about 2am and my husband who worked nights wasn't home just me and the 2 dogs and I always had my one dog on the bed with me when I am alone in the house (now this dog hardly ever barks she is my quiet one). Well this night she did some barking here and there for no reason I could not figure it out why she was uneasy. I would never have to yell at her and this night I had to a couple of times. I got up to get a glass of water and then I layed back down on the bed back facing the door my dog up by my head next to me like always and then the barking started mean barking I could not shut her up then I felt the bed sink in next to my back like a 300 lb person was laying on it.My dog would not shut up now I am really scared I could not move, all I can think of was I am going to get killed someone is in my house and laying right next to me.Then the mattress rose back up and my dog stoped barking I rolled over to see who was leaving my room but it was no one. After a couple of minutes I got up and searched the whole house but no one in the house. When my son was younger 16 or 17(he is 26 now) he would have his friend over playing viedo games and the channel would change or the tv would go off that day was the last day his friend ever steped foot in my house again and he is 27 now.We hear doors close and footsteps and voices but ne never harmed my dogs or anyone in the house.When things happen we know he is about and when things haven't happened in weeks or months we know he went on vacation.

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