Working Spirits of Sloss Furnace

by Jermaine Cobbs
(Birmingham, AL USA)

First off let me start by saying that I don't normally post on these types of sites (or any site for that matter) but I love reading the stories. Well I had to post after what I experienced over the past weekend. This is better than any paranormal show I've ever seen.

A little background information about myself, I grew up loving horror movies and ghost stories and anything spirit wise. My favorite movie growing up was The Shining. One of my life long dreams was to spend the night in the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. By the way, that is still one of my dreams. I was born in Virginia but moved to Birmingham a few years after leaving the Marine Corps and was still fascinated with spiritual matters. I ended up getting married and having a son so traveling around hunting ghosts just didn't seem like the right thing to do. Not to mention the fact that my wife hates the whole "ghost" thing and doesn't even like to talk about it leaving me relegated to watching Ghost Adventures, Dead Files or A Haunting seeking a cheap thrill. I guess some roads you have to go alone.

Fast forward to today. I'm living in Birmingham and I'm thinking there has to be some haunted locations that I could go to and feel around given the history of the city. I started doing some research looking for some local haunts and lo and behold I come to find out that I live 15 minutes from one of the most haunted places on Earth-Sloss Furnace. The factory was built in the 1800's and hundreds of men died there due to the grueling nature of the work. I read about the history and ghost stories other people told about the place and decided that this was going to be my first ghost haunt.

The Experience

My trip to Sloss Furnace occurred over the course of two days. The first day being my first time and all I just walked around the place, read the exhibit signs and explored the grounds. They turned the furnace into a museum that is open to the public and they also use the grounds to host concerts, weddings and other social events. They happened to be planning for a wedding the first day I was there and a few tourists were milling around so I wasn't completely alone but the place was fascinating. I was able to walk into a few of
the off limits areas and look around. I pulled out my phone, started recording , went into the boiler room and managed to catch a few orbs in the footage. It was cool but nothing to write home about. I left, went home and that was that.

Day 2
My second day at Sloss Furnace will go down in the history books of ghost hunting. I managed to do what the Ghost Hunters, Scariest Place on Earth and countless paranormal investigation teams have failed to do and that is film an actual ghost. One ghost would be impressive indeed but what if I told you I filmed at least five ghosts? I can almost guarantee you that you have never seen ghost footage ever that comes even close to what you are about to see.

When I pulled up the second day it was a rainy gloomy Sunday afternoon. As I drove to the gate I saw a sign blocking the entrance saying that the museum was closed. It was hardly secure so I just parked my car across the street and walked in through the front entrance. There was a construction crew working on the left end of the facility away from the actual furnace itself. When I walked into the entrance I could see remnants of the wedding party from the day before, apparently they weren't responsible for cleaning. I made my way into the boiler room, took out my phone and started recording again. Here I am all alone in a damp, dark factory listening to the sound of the rain beating down against the tin roof armed with only a cell phone. I walked through the boiler room filming as I went along and decided to call it a day. It wasn't until I got home, watched the rest of a playoff basketball game and looked at my phone when I realized what I had just captured. I was able to count at least 5 ghosts. The best part about all of this is that I have proof. When you look at the film go to the 3:20 mark you will see a ghost, go to 3:44 you will see a ghost and go to 3:50 and you will see a literal ghost scene. If you slow it down you will see ghosts peeping from different corners. Amazing! This is hands down the best ghost footage you will ever see.

Here is the video:

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Jun 13, 2014
You Can Share Your Interest NEW
by: ~JC

I read your story and am going to go to your youtube video next. But I just wanted to tell you that many spouses feel as your wife does and it's most understandable. Like yourself, I grew-up loving the thrill of ghost stories, movies, etc. I'm very sure that if you "google" Birmingham Paranormal Society you will find people who also take your interest seriously and who also ghost hunt. If you don't have any luck with typing in the word Birmingham, try substituting it with the name of your state.


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