working at AMMO SUPPLY POINT 18

by oliver carrero
(columbus georgia)

Working as a security contractor in the middle east, protecting a now defunct area that was for years known from other force protection officers it was haunted. I had a couple of incidences happen to be before about 4 years prior but being unexposed to the ghosts realm, i just discounted it as odd things that happen that one cannot explain. Now forward as I have duty here once again but by myself because of the anticipated closing. I took my Ipod camera and shot some incredible footage, I now know how to capture ghost on camera and have developed a sence about them, mainly because after careful examination of my photos I realized that I was taking some incredible footage. As for them being real, I will give anyone 10 thousand cash if they can prove that they are fake. I plan to write a book about the incident in the near future, I have a lot of material.

Write me if intrested in further development, i thought they were worth money but with all the fakes I can understand why no one would pursue it but I am for real.

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