With the naked eye not on film.

by Carolyn
(Mena, Arkansas)

My family and I moved to this house after loosing our old house to a flood. The people who owned this property are friends of ours that we have known for more than ten years. They bought the land with nothing on it. After we moved in here odd things started to happen. We have seen shadow people at least 7 different times. One of the strangest things is the orbs of light. We see them with the naked eye. One evening My grandaughter and I were sitting in the living room and we were watching TV. Gabi saw it first and acted startled. I looked up and saw a orb of light about the size of a soccer ball floating down the fence row.It floated until it reached the side of the van. You could see the refecltion of the white light on the paint and glass of the van. About two weeks later my son was sleeping in the back bedroom and he awoke to find a bright blue light about the size of a softball floating around the room. It hit him in the chest. He said it felt like he was electrocuted and frozen at the same time. We have no idea what this was. Every one in the family is afraid to go in the back bedroom because we keep seeing a dark shadow person in there. We also hear heavy footsteps in the hallway.

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Sep 30, 2015
hmm NEW
by: Marie

I read the story and the comments and I agree. Something is not right. You can either move out, or you can try and understand why these things happen and try to make them go away.

Aug 26, 2015
Lovely view NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jun 10, 2015
I would leave . . . NEW
by: ~JC

I don't know what the colored lights are, (other than to say that they are "energy") but it seems very clear that they do not want you there. There is positive and there is also negative energy. Many believe orbs are spirits. Shadow people are not safe and have been known to take a child's breath from them. (My son repeatedly saw one in his closet in a house where we once lived - this same son suffered from life-threatening bouts of asthma - once we moved out of that house his asthma "mysteriously" went away!) He is now in his 40s and sticks to his story of the shadow man to this day. If the blue orb is a spirit, it clearly does not want you there. I seriously question that you are safe in that house. I would leave - even if I had to pitch a tent to live in.

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