Witches castle, Portland

by Ian Elliott-Engles

Witch's Castle is the alleged sight of a pair of hangings; one by the law, and one by the hands of an angry father. The story is that one day a daughter came to his father and told him that she was pregnant. The daughter not being married angered the father greatly and so he found the boy who was responsible for it and hung him. He then had his wife lie to the police and tell them that he had drowned in the river that runs by the location. Eventually the police found him and hung him as well. It is believed that the spirits of this family still hang around the site...and that if you ask the right questions that you just might be able to get some answers. Also EVPs done in the room at the bottom of the building can get interference and static... From what? No one knows. Check it out for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

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