Wildwood/Camp Cedar Falls

by Trevor
(Palm Desert, CA, USA)

So, I had just turned 13 about a week before the experience, and so my parents signed me up for the Wildwood Music Camp.

I arrived, and everything was nice and good. I chose a bunk right by the door, on the bottom. I was in the room with 4 other boys.

We were there for a whole week, and on the second night the counselors told us a story about a haunted cabin right next to ours.

Every night we snuck out and went to that cabin and moved the beds around to scare the other cabins and make them think the ghost was real. On the final night we snuck out at about 3:00 AM.

On our way back, we could've sworn something was following us. We kept seeing something out of the corner of our eyes.

I really do not like talking about it, but I will continue anyways. Now, I have never believed in ghosts, but this experience changed my life.

We got back to our cabin and got into our bunks, and we were all laughing and talking even though it had been lights out over 4 hours ago.

We were the only people in the camp awake. We looked down on the floor, and noticed our worn clothes had been rearranged into a circle.

One kid in our cabin, the youngest and most timid, had started freaking out. Another kid with a mohawk had a flashlight, but it's power was dying even though he had a fresh battery.

At first we just ignored it and shut our eyes tight, but then it happened..

Our other cabinmate Kevin began sleep walking and muttering odd things, that were inaudible.

He got back into the bed and his arm slid to the floor. Suddenly, Slight jerking movements began to pull him to the floor.

During the whole ordeal, he seemed to be in a coma-like trance.

At first we thought he was just screwing around with us, but after pelting him with many shoes, he was half-dragged underneath his bunk.

Perhaps the only thing that saved us was the fact that a counselor bursted in at that exact moment.

Kevin woke up, with bruises around his wrist and neck.

The door on the other side of the cabin slammed open and immediately shut.

I have not had any encounters since this, but I can certainly say ghosts exist.

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