why im frightened

by Taylor
(south bend,indiana,usa)

i live in south bend, indiana. a few streets from potwatomi park.. and where i live is where there used to be many many indians. no one beleives me, that i hear and see things.

i take pictures and videos. i feel spirits and dead people around me. i figured all the times when i see a person looking at me and i blink then its gone that it is real.

im not just seeing things. ive even played a wigi board with my friends... yeahh i know but wateverr we were just messin around.

we were with a mom who used to be a ghost hunter. they had just bought a new house and down in there basebent was a little white room the size of a small walkin closet.

there were white shelves and all i kept hearing when my friend aaliyah kept telling the ghost stories was i kept hearing things. and seeing things out the door.

i also felt really cold and my friends mom had heaters down there and it was summer. every where i look im frightened.

whether its a basement or a room...and my family makes fun of me and says im just trying to get attention. Do You Beleive me:) and the picture i put is in my friends room.

usually i see a ghost leaning on that ledge staring at me whispering when i go to get something from her room upstairs... and her house goes.. the downstairs

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