Why did you forget me?

When I was about 7 my mom passed away from cancer. She had told me that if she died from this that she would always be around watching over me. So once she died I went around our home looking everywhere for her. When I didn't find her I was mad that she lied to me and I vowed that I would never cry over her again.

Around the time of my 16th birthday my Dad and I noticed that some strange things were happening around the house. It was all little things at first like objects moving or falling off tables. Nothing too out of the ordinary. It really wasn’t until I was home alone that I started to hear some unfamiliar noises. They sounded like voices, but not normal voices. Not like someone is in the next room, but like it was coming from the walls. I started to get a little freaked out so I turned up the volume of the TV. But every time I turned that up the voices got louder, until they were screaming my name! As this happened I saw someone in the corner of my eye staring at me!! It was more of a shadow man without a face. He continued to stare me down until all of a sudden everything stopped. As soon as that happened I ran out of my house to my neighbours house to call my dad. Lucky for me he was pulling up to the drive way as I ran out. He came out of the car in a hurry and asked what happened. Once I told him he went inside by himself to check it out. He called for me to come inside and look. There, on the wall was my named carved into it and a question… "Why did you forget me?"

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