Who the FUCRWI

by kathi cline

Hopefully you will help, some one out there has to care enough to listen. I have been Haunted since the age of 7. My sister who has an IQ of 300, cannot believe they have been following me all this time. Recently these recordings have become more aggressive. As well as the physical part of it. I have recording with multiples, as well as everyday things. Drills, airplanes, cars, and so on. And this is just one recording, track 8 of 35 on the digital recorder that my sister had given me. They climb on my bed at night and stroke my hair kiss my lips and suckle on my private areas. Which in itself scares me half to death. Because when that happens I been sleeping for hours at that point. This deep voice on the recorder says "SHES MINE,MINE,SHES MINE." Well I hope someone calls me, I need to buy a tape recorder that has cassette so I can mail this eveidence to anyone who wants it. The reason being is I have these events every single day at anytime. So I will be glad to send them to you, or you , or you...I'll pay for the postage..The Katt 405543221...

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Apr 06, 2014
by: ~JC

I looked-up the name of a demonologist who has an excellent reputation and who I would highly recommend. Just "Google" John Zaffis!

Mar 26, 2014
Have you told.... NEW
by: JC

1. Have you ever very calmly and assertively told these spirits that you do not want them there and that you want them to leave? Doing this can be effective. If you have tried this and it hasn't worked,
2. I would waste no time in contacting a priest from a Catholic Church and asking that he perform an exorcism. This can also be very effective.
3. Hang a cricifix (a cross with Christ hanging on it) above your bed, and sprinkle holy water onto your bed while you recite, aloud, the Lord's Prayer. (Be CERTAIN to have the crucifix and the water blessed by a CATHOLIC priest before doing so!)
4. Also, when you climb into bed at night, speak the words aloud, "Dear God wash me in the blood of Jesus Christ keep me safe from harm" - do this every night. If you google "Demonologists", I believe you will find a man with white hair who performs exorcisms and who is oftentimes very successful.
~ May God bless you and keep you in His tender loving care, ~JC

Dec 04, 2013
I may can help
by: David Flash Giron

If what you say is true there are a few ways I can help but I really need to hear a recording, but won't post my info on here. You can google my name and you will find several ways to reach me.

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