Who believes in ORBS!!

by Vicki
(Lordstown, Ohio USA)

I was taking photos of the full Harvest moon last night and didn't realize I wasn't alone.. WOW This over my breezeway roof. The one big orb was moving to the right of my house as I took these photos. I have always believed in "Spirits" ;-)

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Sep 16, 2014
Lets call them Light Breed NEW
by: David Flash

The word "Orb" has been stigmatized by many including TV. I have asked the spirits many times what they call the round energy balls light used by spirits and always been told they prefer Light Breed, they are the travelers.

Sep 12, 2014
Do you believe in orbs NEW
by: Anonymous

Sure do....but not dust,dirt, rain, snow, etcetera. I believe in the spirit or energy orbs which are self illuminating, typically solid white, not colors, often have a tail and move in directions and change direction unlike all the other reasons listed above that people mistake as the real thing. You don't see them often but you will know in your mind and intuitively that it's the real thing. Many so called "professional" ghost hunters (like those on tv that fake evidence) claim that all orbs are either weather, nature (dust) or human made (IR dust bunnies). You either believe or you don't. Orbs have gotten a bad name and bad press which is unfortunate for those that are real.

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