Who are you

by Thomas
(Loogootee, Indiana. Martin Country)

I never believed in ghosts but now I am not sure because I used to live in the country away from everybody but one day I was home all alone when the ceiling fan came on with nobody to turn it on but I didn't tell anyone because they would think I was making the story up. A few weeks went by and my friend and I were at the house watching TV when the ceiling fan came on again and it went around clock wise for a minute or so stopped and went around counter clock wise, there was nobody to turn the fan on and there was no wind to blow the fan around plus all the merriors in the house were crocked. My friend looked at me with a strange look and I then told him that this had happen before. About a month later our house burned to the ground.

I now live in a old house in town and sometime I hear footstep upstairs when there is nobody there and at times some places in a room will be cold and a few feet away you can feel a change in the tempter, and I am not the only person that has herd these noises and felt a difference in the tempter plus at times the air can smell funny. My friend and his wife collect old things, sometimes I wonder if the old things that they collect have anything to do with these weird things that are going on.

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