Who are you, little girl?

It happened to me late one night when I was about 12. I came home from basketball practice and I was sitting in my kitchen at the table eating. The only people who were in my house was me and my dad. My dad was in his room getting ready for bed. At my house, there is a sliding glass door that leads into my backyard. Anyways, while I was eating I heard a little girl saying my name over and over again. It seemed like she was chanting or singing it. I got up right away and looked outside. (I thought my friend was messing with me.) but She wasn't there. I called and asked if she was at my house but she was at her grandmas in a different town. I know that no one died in my house since it is new, but I think I heard stories that the house before it was built burnt to the ground. Also at the time my house just got finished with getting re done on the inside and I heard sometimes it makes spirits mad. Ever since then I think my land around my house is haunted because I feel creepy going outside alone at night.

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