White spots flying around my daughters video tapping herself

by Zina Rayes
(Beirut, Lebanon)

My daughter was taking a video of herself as she just got a samsung phone and was doing in in the slow motion mode. After looking through what she took i found on her video round white spots whizzing past her as she was doing her act in my room at my parents house. I replayed it and saw another video of her in the same room and there they were again. She was moving in slow motion and the white spots where like shooting stars dropping around her. I do believe in spirits and am wondering after reading your article as i want to research it more if they are spirits. I will be taking video again in the other rooms to check if they are there too and around the house. They are same spots in the pictures they just drop down beside her as she is video tapping herself. Please explain anyone who is familliar with this subject as i just opened up my computer to research it when i dropped to your site.

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Nov 27, 2014
I have the same thing NEW
by: Anonymous

I was taking videos of my dogs with the tv on. I thought maybe the dots were caused by the tv so I shut it off. Still had the bubbles. I was hoping they were angels. Lol. Must be our phones. I also have a samsung.

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