White Lady In The Living Room

by Andrea Rodriguez

Back in 2010, we lived in our old house in Cavite. During that time we always turn off all the lights in the house when it's bedtime to save electricity. Around 1 am I woke up to go to the restroom and when i walked past the living room where my yaya is sleeping, I suddenly felt goosebumps around my shoulder. I just shrugged it off so i would'nt be scared. I finshed using the restroom around 1:10 am and after that, I went back to bed and slept. When it was already 8:00 in the morning i got up and went to the dining room where I saw all of my housemates listening to my yaya and I knew she was scared by the look in her face. I asked my mom why my yaya is scared and she said that my yaya saw a white lady. After telling what the matter was, my yaya continued to go on with the story. She said that while she was sleeping she felt that a figure was walking back and forth. She thought that it was my grandma because my grandma usually wakes up early in the morning to cook for breakfast. But when she opened her eyes, she saw a white lady staring at her. My yaya told that, she tried to scream and ask for help but the white lady held her neck tightly that she almost could'nt breath. Good thing she was still able to recite Our Father and after that, the white lady disappeared. She slept it off so that she wont able to get scared. When we asked when it had happened, she said that it had happened around 1:15 am, 5 minutes after i went to bed

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