White Cemetery, Lake Zuric IL

by Shelby
(Ringwood, IL,)

My Boyfriend and I and 2 of our fiends decided to take a trip down Cuba Road and looked up White Cemetery, little did we know this spot was a very haunted and active area! It is said that Glowing orbs of light bounce off the tomb stones and are very noticitable in the Cemetery, We also thought we saw the phantom car everyone says there is that chases you and the passengers of the car down cuba road till you leave! We took some pictures of the cemetery, and when we got back home we all took a look at the pictures we too fine some thing very odd... the pictures all turned out blurry... we looked up shortly after to see how haunted this cemetery really was and it said, " If pictures are taken they will not focus and will not turn out on the camera!" We thought maybe the picture was just a bad one, and got freaked out after reading that the spirits do that to your phone or camera! white cemetery is a very active spot and I would encourage everyone to check it out and share your experience you had!!!!

Thanks For Reading :)

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