Where I live now.

by Timothy Phelps
(Wytheville, Va, USA)

I moved into my apartment in December of this year, after about a week, things started happening. My water in the kitchen would turn on by its self, I would have to turn off the lights when I got home from work,,,,, " they would be off when I left to go to work",,,. I remember one evening in particular I was laying in my bed, It sounded like someone walking through my liveing room,,,, I got up to investigate and there was nothing. I always check my locks befor I go to bed. My fience got to see first hand just what I go through here this morning. We were lyeing in bed around 6 this morning,,, we were awoken by a loud bang in the kitchen. I got up to find out what it was and a calender that I had taped to the wall on the left of my kitchen was flung against the sink counter all the way accross the room. when I proceeded to go back in to the bed room, the whole apartment shook realy hard and the power went off. My fience was soooo freaked out from all the noises afterward that she got up and left the apartment. I had to go out side,,,,, Thinking that all the comotion would wake my neighbors, I shut the door and none of the noise was audible in the hall outside my apartment. I have done a little research on this location and it turns out that the man that lived here befor I moved in shot himself in my liveing room. His name was Charley. I now know how to address the intity when stuff starts back up. I want to get someone in here to check this out. I myself are not afraid, I have always heard that the dead cant hurt you, its the liveing that you have to worry about, after what Ive been through here since just Christmas, Im not so sure about that any more. My friends sit on pins and needles when they are over here. Every noise and every shadow that moves accross the walls scares them to death.

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