What was it?????

by Traci Crowfeather
(Greeley, Colorado)

One night my daughter and I was going to bed for the night. (this was three years ago). We lived in a tri-plex in Texas and it was out bin a wooded area, and we lived in the two bedroom and my daughter and I shared a room so that my son had his own room. And it was pitch black iin the room cause we have black out curtains in the window.. Well we were goofing around at first with her putting her cold feet on me and after a couple of minutes we started dozing off.

I was just about to doze when I felt a finger go down the left side of my face from the top of my ear to my jawl. And I grunted and my daughter asked what was wrong and I told her I was trying to sleep. And she said ok so am I.. Why was I grunting.. I told her cause she touched me and she said she didnt and I woke her up with my grunt.
First of all being pitch black in the room, how would she know where my face was and how to perfectly touch me down my face like that. So I just dismissed it and rolled over so I cold go to sleep.
I was facing the door and we always sleep with a box fan running to block out noises from outside. Cant sleep without one. So it was over there by the dresser and the door. and I had opened my eyes as I was resettlng (I dont know why,) but i did, and I saw a small light inside the fan and I kept staring at it and it made me think maybe the fan was about to burn out but I noticed that it was getting bigger.
I was just going to go to sleep. I closed my eyes for a couple minutes and just had to look again and when I opened my eyes there was this large orb at the foot of my bed. I stared at it for a few seconds and was like (whatever) and laid back down on my side. I heard a little noise and opened my eyes again and it was right by my face on the side of my bed and caused me to jerk back a little.
I rolled over and turned my back on it and waited a minute and slowly turned to see if it was still there and it was back at the end of the bed. I sat straight up and just stared for a bit. Then I kind of snickered at it and laid down on my back, and when I did there wre two red oblong orbs over the bed. one over my daughter and one over me. One sat higher than the other. Well in the pitch black room that was very noticable...
And you know how when you are in a dark room how wide your eyes are cause you are trying to focus in the dark. Imagine that twice as big seeing that.... I blinked for a second and they were all gone...

That is my story..

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