What I saw that summer's day...

(Greenfield, pgh PA)

This story is 100% TRUE now if it was paranormal or not i have no idea. I was like 13 so 1997 and my friend was staying over and we both were always into scary shit actually he got me into it, anyway if you were like me you had those ghetto black tv box that came with the tv and u could screw in the cinamax scrambler that got you porn. Yeah that one and it came with a little black remote control . Well we were in my back room and it was prob around midnight maybe a little later and my friend was on the couch and i was on the floor and we were watching tv and then all of the sudden the tv went into those black n grey lines and made the chhhhhaaaaaaaaa sound and it was loud as fuck then all of the sudden the channels started flipping through in no order what so ever and it did this for like 40 seconds and my friend was yellin at me to stop fuckin around and i said dude do you see the remote its on the table and no one else was around to change the channels with a different remote and he was like does this happen all the time and i said yeah it happend once or twice , and i can see he was a little freaked out so just to fuck with him i said if theres anyone here and you can hear me turn on mtv which was channel 78 if you remember and as god as my witness i didnt do it no one else was around to do it and the remote was on the table the channels were still going through random numbers and as soon as i said that it stopped on 78 and never changed then the tv came back on and that shit freaked me the hell out cause that has never happened before. When i said it happened once or twice it did but the tv would shut off not find a random ch you would yell out . I dont know it was just weird.

Anther story i have i dont feel like writing to much so im going to make it short and sweet. Well a different friend and I were sitting on his neighbors back porch for some reason and we were on the steps and I had a clear view of the backdoor which was 3 feet away from me and he was facing me with his back to it and know one was home and he started messing with me saying this old lady got murdered here and im not going to lie it was freaking me out but what i
seen next for one; still gives me chills. And for two; makes me think did i really just see this or was it my mind messing with me. Either way when i saw it i ran faster then anything hoped over his wooden fence ran up his back deck and opened his sliding door and slamming it as fast as i opened it . Anyway as he was telling me this i called bullshit and when i looked up at the door which had a screen door then a wooden door that were both closed, when i looked up i saw that the screen door was still shut but the wooden door open and im like shit the old lady who lives here is home (cause she would never let us chill out on her propery she was mean) and then i saw an old figure couldnt really see a face but like an outline and it was stuped down and a arm with a hand reaching for the screen door handle with what i can best describe as like ripped up pieces of tshirt hanging off her arm or like seaweed hanging from it going up sections of her entire forarm and it had a dark grey or black (this was all behind the screen door so maybe that could have tinted the color ) i saw it for like 3 seconds and then took off hurting my thigh hopping over the wooden fence. After i got scarred shitless his mom was like wtf you know and i asked her if anyone died there and she said no not at all and then my friend comes walking in and he said what u get scarred i said dude u didnt see what i just saw and explained it within seconds and i asked if the old lady was home and opened the door and he said dude no chance we would have heard her coming home and i sat there and looked up to see what u were looking at then ran away and there wasnt anything there so we went outside within 30sec of me slammin that sliding door and like he said no one home the backdoor and screen door closed . So i have no idea what i saw that summer day and i seriously thought it was the old lady at first but when i just saw basiclly a hand and arm with what looked like seaweed draiped down parts of her forarm and there really wasnt a upper body and head but u could still make it out it still has me freaked out . And no the sun was not in my vision or the door it was a roofed off porch even on the steps idk it was nuts

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