What happened to the man MeMaw??

by ParaDaughter
(Enterprise, Alabama)

A few weeks ago I visited an old family cemetery where members of our family are buried. With me was my 7 year old grandson and almost 4 year old granddaughter. As I unlatched the old gate and ushered the children inside I made sure to latch the gate behind us. It was not a large cemetery. There were maybe 60 graves there. It was an open area with many unused plots between the graves.

As the children and I strolled through the cemetery I was being peppered with questions about headstones and to answer questions about the lives of people I did not know. Finally our visit was over and the children and I headed back to the gate.

As I unlatched the gate, ushered the children out and turned to re-latch it my granddaughter said, "Wait MeMaw...let the man out". I looked around and seeing no man, said to my granddaughter, "What man sweetie?"...she candidly responded, "What happened to the man MeMaw?", again I ask, "WHAT MAN SWEETIE"?...she then replies....the man who was walking behind us while we were in the semterry"....

Gate latched - back in the car scratching my head....

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