Weston- Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

When i was younger my family told me stories of this place. Some of the women in my family worked there when it was still open and they would tell me gruesome stories about the stuff that happened there. I became fascinated with it. When I would come up to visit my grandfather we would pass by it all the time. I would look in the broken windows and you could see people looking out that werent really there. When it opened for tours I visited the Asylum. When you walk in the front doors you get a feeling of being watch. It is very cold and damp throughout the whole place. As i was going through the tour i could see things out of the corner of my eye and i would look and there would be nothing there. So i decided to start taking pictures. I captured many apparitions in my photos. I asked the tour guide if he had any experiences and he told me that he has been touched scratched pushed and hit on multiple occasions. They are stories of people who have spent the night there and have been dragged away from their group, had thing thrown at them, being hit and pushed around, and seeing apparitions and hearing voices. A place all paranormal lovers should visit. It is beautiful and creepy and there are so many stories and history behind it. Many murders and suicides have happened there and it is one of the most haunted places. Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures have done investigations there.

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