Western Michigan University French Haunt

by James

So I graduated from Western Michigan University in 2007. I stayed in French Hall for both my sophomore and junior year. My roommate and I stayed in room 143 for those two years, and we didn't really notice anything funny until towards the end of both of our second semesters junior and senior year. It started off with small things, objects suddenly getting out of place in the room, scratches on the door at odd times of the night, the door occasionally closing by itself (granted there is a door that leads to the outside and it could have been the wind but still) Sometimes Kevin occasionally mentioned that he thought he heard someone else in our suite mates room that didn't sound like either of them.

All of this sounds pretty basic and could be anything. But on the last night before I went home for the summer. Something odd happened at three o'clock in the morning I looked down from my lofted bed I thought I saw the back of a figure in old professor clothing. I thought it was my roommate at first, but when I peaked my head over to the side of my room where my roommate was sleeping, he was still in bed. When I looked back, the figure was gone.

I'm typing this to see if anyone recently has had anything odd happen to them at 143 French or any of the other rooms on that floor. The group down the hall also mentioned seeing a person in professors clothes walking down the hallway at late hours. Maybe it was just someone who worked in the building or a student playing a prank.

Shoot me an email if you live in French now, I would love to know how the old place is doing, and if anyone has experienced anything similar.

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Jan 05, 2014
Second floor french NEW
by: Anonymous

We are in French hall on the second floor. During the first semester, my roommate and I were basically the only people on our floor one weekend. We heard people running up and down the hall and a noises coming from our suite mates room. This is our first night back from Christmas break and I plugged my tv back into the wall. I continued putting thigs away when my tv turned on by itself. I looked at my roommate and froze. Right away it was a commercial for paranormal activity so it freaked us out even more. But then, 3 more scary movie commercials about the devil came on in a row! We left the room immediately. Not sure if this is anything to fret about but it sure scared us.

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