West jordan utah 84084

by Kaylynn
(Salt lake city, utah)

I was at Oquirrh Elementary for some activity thing they were having with my friends. We didn't want to do what all of the people were doing so we goofed off.

We went in the Gym and went behind the curtains that went to the stage. There were two curtains and we were in between them.

We were seeing who could make it to the end of the curtains without getting scared because it was dark. We all decided to go at the same time.

I didn't want to do it, but they pretty much made me. I had a bad feeling about what they were doing so I was in the very back. They all started walking towards the end and I didnt move at all.

I saw an orb floating over my friends head, so I tried to say something, but before I could finish what I was saying, they all started screaming. Everybody saw a flashing light, and a dark shadow at the end of the curtains.

There was nobody on the stage or in between the curtains but us. This story is 100% true. Now when I tell my friends that I have a bad feeling, they dont go where they were going to.

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