We're Definitely Not Alone . . .

by JC
(Southern Suburb of Minneapolis, MN)

My daughter in front of the door she referred to

My daughter in front of the door she referred to

I've always gained fulfilling feelings of gratification helping people. Aside from my career as a helping professional, I've been fascinated with "The Things that Go Bump in the Night" since I was a kid. Several years ago, I began researching the paranormal. I must tell you, I have the utmost respect for things unseen.

My two children and I resided in a haunted house when they were growing-up. My son would tell me about a black shadow man (he called it the boogeyman) in his closet. My daughter told me about experiences she had being picked-up into an unseen stranger's arms behind my bedroom door and in a tiny room off the bathroom. My ex-husband firmly believes to this day, that the house we lived in was haunted, as do my now, adult children who have families of their own. (The house to which I refer is located at 619 North 4th Street in Mankato, Minnesota. The house remains there and is a private residence.)

I think that I've been fortunate in that whenever I've gone ghost hunting, I have fully understood the importance of using prayer for protection before and after. I have several useful and beneficial tools I utilize when embarking on an adventure.

To those of you out there who have had experiences that have frightened and puzzled you, I would say, "Trust yourself. There do exist many things (phenomena, if you will) that we humans have no frame of reference from which to draw information."

I believe that there are milliions of spirits who walk the earth; some are good, some are evil. If you are troubled by an evil entity, it is imperative that you seek professional help. One avenue for that purpose is to Google "Demonologists". You are also welcome to write to me through this website and I will have recommendations for you that may be helpful.

Take care and God bless!

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