Welcome to Haunted Alabama

by ParaDaughter
(Enterprise Alabama)

Haunted Alabama

We live in a small town in southern Alabama, not particularly historical or boasting claims of paranormal happenings. We have lived in our home 7 months. While standing at my washing machine sorting laundry some floor level movement caught my attention. Directly to my left is a door (which was closed) leading to our Florida room.

Looking down I saw a shimmery image of a very long haired cat with a thick tail seemingly come through the closed door past me, take two strides and quickly fade away.

Later yet while watching television one evening my dog suddenly perked up and started a low growl. I looked in the direction he was staring. It was the same cat I had seen before! This time I only saw its hind end, back legs and thick tail as it exited the room through a closed door.

The other morning my husband told me that during the night, at 4 a.m. exactly he suddenly woke up and realized he was enveloped in a soft rose/baby powder smelling “fragrance/perfume”. As he lay there and inhaled the fragrance it quickly dissipated.

Welcome to Haunted Alabama!

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