We saw our little angel

by Chelsy Cristian
(Queens, New York)

Trixie the family dog stook around with us for 13 years and we had to make a life wrenching desicion of putting her down. We all concluded that it's what was best for her because she was suffering. Although she's practically our baby.. or what I considered her as a little sister or to my mom or dad a daughter we just had to let her go. She was diagnosed with an enlarged heart that made it difficult for her to breathe even if it was three steps she took. So at the end we were all heart broken and felt empty. So one day, as my mother and I were laying down she began to say that she felt her presence with us. So there I was begining to take pictures where here sleeping spot was. So thats when I saw my baby trixies almost full apparition. I'm going upload a picture of her so you guys can notice the resemblance and a picture of the wall with her there and without her to disguish the differences of before and after.

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