Wayne Family Medical Practice Goldsboro N.C

by stacy zanfardino
(Wayne County n.c)

I used to work at Wayne Family which is a family Medical Practice run by Dr Muhammed Bhatti, in Goldsboro off Wayne Memorial Dr in Goldsboro N.C. I worked in the Medical Spa, Bella Reneux, which is in the newer half of the building. During my initial interview I was warned about all the paranormal activity in the building by the Doctors Office Manager although I would be spending little time in that half of the building. The older half was a two story and both halves very large. The upstairs of the practice was mainly seperate office space for some of the staff, the staff meeting room and some unused areas. Over time every staff member consisting of mostly middle aged woman and a few of the Doctors family members, all told me of hearing voices and footsteps and seeing shadows pass by mainly in the evening that no one was able to explain. The office Manager had even heard a conversation between more than one person when no one else had been in the building. Other then eerie sensation s and the feeling of constantly being watched I had no real experience myself. The feelings of uneasy Ness I dismissed as maybe just having had heard all the ghost talk. Until one evening. I had worked a long evening hosting a weekend event for the Medical Spa. It was late Sunday evening and myself along with a few other coworkers were getting ready to leave. I had gone alone yo the back side of the Spa down a long corridor then had to continue back to the front to exist with the others. On my way to the front I heard loud voices down yet another long hallway, the one that connected the Spa to the Family Practice through a door we usually kept closed. Thinking my coworkers were obviously for some reason waiting for me on the other side, I hurried down the Spa corridor, through the open, tho normally closed door separating the two businesses into the older section towards the voices. While doing so I was talking to who I thought were the other employees, calling out their names. As I passed thru the open door I peering down a long hallway that led to the patent rooms. At the end of the hallway I say two individuals standing there looking toward me. A man and a woman. Both dressed in period clothing from what was maybe the late 1800's to early 1900's. I froze in shock and fear. Just then from somewhere behind me coming from back inside the medical Spa I heard the voices of the two coworkers calling my name. I was able to let out a partial scream or maybe a loud gasp as the shock faded just enough I suppose for the fight or flight self defense mechanism to kicked in. I turned and ran back to the others calling for me who hearing the fear in my voice were running toward me. I explained to them what I had seen and why I had ventured. One of my coworkers actually being the Doctors son had in the past experienced his own paranormal experiences in the upstairs of the building wanted nothing more at that moment then to lock the doors and run out of the building. So thats what we did and sadly that's how my experience ended.

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Jan 15, 2016
Story NEW
by: Anonymous

Exciting story :)

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