Waukegans psychiatric vista hospital

by Val
(Waukegan, IL)

I had been checked in by my parents at this mental institute for my outrageously ways of being. My first day there I had slept in the hallway. It was pretty late when I arrived there so I needed to wait till the next day for a room. When morning came they finally woke me up to shower. Each room had its own bathroom but since I had slept in the hall I had to shower in the hallways bathroom. It was till later on that that they moved me into a room. I had a room mate but she then got switched with another girl. Me and her instantly clicked I felt very comfortable with her. It was later that night when I experienced my first encounter. I was always skeptical about the spiritual realm and whether ghosts and demons existed. I went to shower before bed time. We were I believe on the fourth floor. So as I was taking off my clothes I felt very uneasy. I blew that feeling off telling myself I only felt like that because it was my first day and I was unfamiliar with the place. As im in the shower I hear something breathing heavily behind my shoulder and I turn around nothing was there. Again I told myself it was nothing. The breathing only got louder so I tried to look for a vent. I spotted one on top of the sink so I pulled my towel on and climbed onto the toilet and then onto the sink to check if it was coming from the vent. The vent had been closed and there was no air coming out of it at all. I started brushing my teeth and I hear knocking on the door so I opened my bathroom door and my roommate was nowhere in

the room. I changed an immediately went out to the kitchen to find my roommate halfway done with breakfast. I asked her if she had came into the room after I jumped into the shower but she told me no that she had came out to eat breakfast and noone else had came to our room. I told her what had happened but I felt as though she didnt believe me. The next couple days were the same. She later came to me and told me she was experimenting the same things I did. So that night we wwaited for night to come and for all the staff to say goodnight. So me and her went to our bathroom and locked ourselves in there. We started asking the ghost to communicate with us. The hard breathing began. I swear it sounded like an old man trying to breath. My roommate asked it to laugh and it was the creepiest, so real, wicked laugh I had ever heard. I ran out of the bathroom and refused to go in. The next day at breakfast I over heard another girl talking about conversations between two different people she would hear when she would shower. She swored it was only when she was showering and she would check to see f it was her roommate but her roommate was no where to be found when these things happened. I told her it happend to me too but differently. I dont know the history of that hospital but somethings are there that lurk in the dark. I never showered alone from the time I heard a laugh. I always had my roommate sit on the toilet while I showered or I waited for her. The day I checked out the hospital was one of the happiest days of my life.

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Feb 04, 2013
chills NEW
by: Anonymous

Creepiest shit ever!!!

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