by karelin Herrera
(waterbury ct )

One day i was like about 7 years old. I went to school and told my friends to come to my house they said no, and I said to my head hey but they always come to my old houses then my friends said'' I cant go to your house.

I ask my other friends if she can come to my house she said no its haunted and I said WHAT!!!! How you know and she said its all over the news.

It was dismissal and I went home and it was dark i was reading the news with my mom and dad then my dad was like o my god Im leaving my mom was like no don't leave us and the kids but it was to late he left...

The next morning my mom, my sister, my brother, and me was alone. We felt a breaze. We look at the corner and saw my sisters teddy bear then I look at the other corner and their was a little girl I was scared and I told my mom but my mom look she said their was nothing their.

my mom said stop playing around,i said i am not my sister was like she not. then my mom was taking a bath went inside the bathroom and saw a little girl and i said hello but what u doing here.

she said nothing. she turn to my mom and had a knife in her hand. my dog was barking in front of the door the girl look at the door and was walking towards it my dog started ran down stairs to my brother.

the little girl open the bathroom door and look at me then i was calling my mom she got out of the bathtub. she said what do u want i said look at the girl my mom was like o my god hun back away.

i back away. we went to sleep she kill my mom my brother, but she did not kill me or my sister. the little girl said play with with me. i said why you killed my mom and my brother. my dog started barking and ran away out the window.

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