walter j hayes highway wampers lake rd

by thomas burgess
(clarklake michigan)

I dont know if anybody has lost a family member or friend in a car wreck on that road but i think the ghost is waiting for someone.

i first seen him on a snowy night comeing home from work i turned off of 12 to walter j hayes just past the camp ground before i got to the bridge on the left side of the road i seen him wearing a stocking hat and carharts i slowed down to see if the guy needed a ride it was cold as hell out i went past him and turned my truck around to ask him and he was gone.

i got out of my truck to see were he went no foot prints in the snow. it was creepy one week later about 7:30 same place he ran across the road to the same spot he had no feet or face i got a good look at him a month later my wife and i was going down the road i did not tell her a thing about the ghost.

she said slow down a guy just ran across the road i seen him to i ask her what he was wearing it was the same she had me turn around he was gone we have seen him about 15 times he is about 6 feet tall.

i dont know why he is thair all the time. i think he is waiting for a loved one to come to the spot he died at in a car wreck i was going to ask the police if thare was car wreck on that road he is thare go down that road after 7:00 keep your eyes open this is no joke find out for your self if you dont belive in ghost you will/my wife does now.

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Nov 29, 2010
seeing ie beliveing
by: Anonymous

i thought that this was just a storey i parked my car at 730 ay night and walked that road and i seen a man with no legs jet across that road it scared me so bad i almost p my pants i will not jog down that road at day or knight i could not get to my car fast enuff to lock the doors and get the hell out of that area

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