Up until the winter of 1982 I had never considered anything associated with Ghosts or the Paranormal to have had an influence on me. Let me tell you a real experience that took place in my apartment at the time. Imagine a two story apartment located at the rear of a chuch, where the pulpit and choir usually stand. A Stained Glass shop and a Quilt Shop occupy the front two store fronts. A buddy, lets call him "Pat" and I were in our mid twenties and having a great time skiing and meeting girls in this small mid Vermont town. Each of us had a bedroom on the second floor with a vertical window approximately 2x4 feet in height. Wonder why I mention the window? You'll find out later. This was our second winter and we knew what to expect. Lots of snow, flat light, darkness and cold. Typical Vermont weather for March. One night I retired to my room, and glancing at the clock, took notice of the time, 11:50pm. No problem, an early night tonight I thought. I observed a Full Moon which shed a light beam thru the window and illuminated the room. Closing my eyes I proceeded to fall asleep untill exactly ten minutes later I was fully awake. Looking around I noticed it was only 12:00am and could not understand why I had woken up. Wondering why, I gazed around the room to notice a white shirt that I had hung on the door knob. The room looked unusually dark, and looking toward the window I noticed the Moon, but no light entering the room. The window was now replaced with what appeared to be a picture or painting of that window which would not allow any light to enter the

room. Trying to focus I suddenly noticed a ball of light moving in the corner of the room which increasingly seemed to become more agitated and began to fly across my line of sight. It slowly came to the center of the room and stopped at the foot of my bed approximately five feet off the floor. As I lie there dumbfounded a form started to take shape, semi transparent and looking like a man with a beard dressed in early 1800's attire. His mouth was moving, but I couldn't hear him. He was visible only from the waist up. I now questioned if I was really awake or dreaming. Trying to move, I couldn't and immediately became afraid for my safety. Compounding my fear the entity began to move closer until it was above my chest and looking down at me. Immediately I found the strengh to turn the lights on and it was gone. Two seconds later found me banging on Pat's door to alert him about my experience. His answer---Have another beer buddy! I hadn't had any that day I thought. The next day Pat and I talked about my experience and I think he didn't believe me, so I left the subject alone. Two weeks later I moved back to Connecticut and forgot about the encounter until I got a call from my buddy Pat. His words---I believe you!!! Seems that he too got a visit from this entity. He claims he heard footsteps on the wooden stairs leading from the kithen to the bedrooms upstairs. Only problem---The stairs were carpeted. He was woken up by the banging on his door and his name being called out. After checking the apartment he too had to wonder. I quess we both beleive now!

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