Wachusett Mountain, Massachusettes

by Lisa

In the 1700's, a little girl named Lucy Keyes and her sister went out in the woods. Lucy's sister returned without her. Lucy has never found. Her mother, Martha roamed the woods every night looking for her. She drove herself to insanity. She died without knowing what happened to Lucy. They had a neighbor who wrote a letter on his deathbed confessing his guilt. He and the Keyes had apparently had disputes over land and property lines and he was jealous of the happy family. When he saw Lucy wandering alone in the woods he struck her in the head several times, killing her. He then hid her body and joined one of the search parties looking for Lucy. After that he hid Lucy's body in an abandoned barn, covering her body with leaves and rocks. He then burned the barn down. Even after finding this letter, no remains of Lucy were ever found. No one knows for sure what happened to her. Some people believe she was taken by indians. And there was once a white girl spotted with indians, but the only english she spoke was "Chusetts Hill". Although Watchusettes Mountain is indeed a mountain, it is very small and appears like a hill. Still no one knows for sure what happened to little Lucy Keyes. It has been said that Lucy and her mother, Martha haunt on and around Watchusetts Mountain. In the wind, some have said they can hear Martha calling for Lucy.

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Jul 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

This is sad and Im glad someone wrote it because me and my friends were looking up scary stories to tell and to get scared and this one was perfect for my turn. Thank you! :)

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