Visit with Dad two months after death

by Mollie Caryll
(Valley Grove, WV. USA)

My father was the rock of our extended family. He loved and cared for our mother, his children and grandchildren. He went into the emergency room with mild pneumonia , his heart stopped and they brought him back and he was on a respirator for 31 days and de ided to remove it and die surrounded by family. We struggled, especially my oldest daughter and me. We were there when he died the first time and we were there when he decided to remove the respirator. Two months later as I was back to work as a Bank Manager, I waited on a customer in my office who later aid something told her to come to that location. As I was preparing her IRA, she told me no to think she was crazy but asked if my dad was sick because sometimes she got messages from beyond and that a tall dark haired man with a groth on his neck named George wanted me to know that my dad was ok. I knew it was my dad's brother George who had died 17 years ago with a large tomorrow on his neck. I told her my dad had passes away 2 months ago. She began to get strong messages from my dad. I needed to hear more, called my daughter at work and we drove to her house and had a two hour conversation with my dad through her. She knew things that happened in my childhood that no one knew. We had no doubt he was there. The question remains with me is why did he choose me and why over time do I stop believing that it happened?

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