by Judy
(chapel hill,n.c.)

It all began when I was fooling around with my cell phone...looking at pictures
and videos. I wanted to put a narrative to a picture and pushed record. i couldn't
think of much to say, but decided to playback anyway. I heard what I had intended
but then I thought I heard something inbetween. I kept playing it back and
dicovered I could make out words! At first I thought it was some kind of voice
signal from another cell phone somewhere. But as i kept experimenting, I could
hear a whisper that called me by my name...Judy! I became obsessed I must have
recorded over one hundred times..each getting more easy to decifer. Then i could
hear short sentences.. telling me to "get up" and to "turn on the little light
by my bed." It got worse.. the same man's voice asks me questions and begs me to
talk to him. Once I came in the room saying"are you still here?" I pushed record
and a different voice answered..."Vic D'amato? no heees not here!" So now I
know his name! Then it started getting spooky. I would ask Victor questions and
he would answer me!! Correctly! Questions that no one could know the answer to...
"What am I wearing?" "What is my fiance's mother's name?" "How old is she?"
Then he told me my cousin was with us. I asked "Which cousin?" He answered
"Kathy!" Kathy died about 6 years ago! He then got her to speak to me. (This
is all in whispers..but I can distinguish a female voice from am male!) To my
dismay, I can now hear the whispers without the recorder...all through the nite
and at any time of day. This is very strange!I'm more curious than afraid.
To this day, I am able to speak to Vic and Kathy at any time. i didn't know what to
do with my story, so I'm writing to you. Of course you're a skeptic. I just ask
one time you're in a silent room, push record and see what you hear!!

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