by keith o. taylor
(barboursville, w. va.)

the vets home used to be a battle ground in cival war and it was a state mental hospital where people killed themselfs , countless of eyewittneses say thay have seen the ghost of a young woman that jumped out of the 3rd story window head first , her name was mary , she only comes out during a full moon , she materializes and walks up to you then vanishes.

i myself have seen a dark,evil spirit at night hovering along the outer wall of the 2nd floor , there are many ghosts here but no one has been hurt by them , for some reason thay want to stay on the hill , i keep my hd camera in my pocket but thay vanish before i can take a video , there is a graveyard at the bottom of the hill on the east side.

thats all i have for now

keith o. taylor

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