Very Short

by Rabid
(Algona, WA)

One winter night I was driving home from work after getting off at around nine. It was pouring rain and I stopped at one of the traffic lights on a popular, but strangely unlit stretch of road that I used every day. As I stopped at the road's only traffic light, I noticed that someone was crossing the street on the other side of the intersection, their shadow blocking out the headlights from the cars as they neared the sidewalk. I watched idly for a few moments, wondering who could possibly want to be out in this weather at nine thirty at night, when the shadow disappeared. There were three more headlights until it would have reached the curb, but it just vanished. The light turned green, but neither I, nor any of the other drivers moved for about five seconds. It was clear that they'd seen it too, but they got moving again once it was clear they weren't going to hit anybody.

I've been through the intersection many times since then, and nothing new has happened. I've looked into it and being close to a freeway, the road is likely no stranger to tragic accidents. However, I can't find much in the slough of freeway accident reports.

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