Value Rent A Car Now Thrifty Jetport Dr. Orlando,Fl.

by Joe

I was a Manager at Value Rent A Car back in the mid-90's. Managers used to rotate schedules so every thrid month you ended up working midnights. Every night one of my lot porters would go out and take inventory of the cars. One night my porter came back to quit. He seemed very scared. While taking inventory of the wrecked cars at the southest corner of the lot behind the mechanics garage he claims to have seen a young lady dressed in a white dress. He approched her to tell her she was not permitted back there and she disappeared into thin air. When the next Manager came in at 7:00 a.m. I passed my incident report to him who then tells me a full description of the lady seen by the lot porter. He tells me of several times when she has entered the lobby, walked across and exited from another door. After further investigation I found out that a young lady had rented a car from us to join her soon to be husband who was in the Navy training in Orlando. As she left the lot and proceeded east bound on Jetport Drive several drunk Navy guys ran a red light hitting her rental vehicle and she was killed instantly. Her wrecked rental car was still stationed behind the garage on the premises.Numerous other employees also stated they too had seen this ghostly lady.

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Nov 08, 2012

I too have seen many spirits in my lifetime. in the daytime and night time. What a tragedy for the families involed with the lady.

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