Valley Memorial Grand Forks ND

by Kelly
(Grand Forks ND )

Valley Memorial Nursing Home In Grand Forks...

Everyone Has An Experience. Ya Its An Active Nursing Home So Its Hard To Have Creditable Evidence But Everyone Has Some Sort Of Experience

Mine Was A Resident Died The Next Day I Worked The Janitors Were Cleaning The Room The Call Light Turned On, I Went In There And Shut It Off No Big Deal She Probably Bumped It When She Was Done And Left The Light Turned On Again I Went In There Shut It Off The Light Turned On Again I Unplugged It From The Wall Then It Went On Again And The Call Light Wasn't Even Plugged In.

One Of The Nurses I Work With Said She Was At The Cart Getting Meds Ready Out The Corner Of Her Eye She Saw Someone With A Card Walking Down The Hall She Thought It Was The Aides Passing Waters When She Looked Up Nothing Was There...

A Different Nurse I Work With Said One Day She Was At The Cart Getting Meds Ready And Out The Corner Of Her Eye She Saw Someone Walking Down The Hall As It Got Closer She Looked Up To Say Something And Nothing Was There

Another Aide I Work With Completely Doesn't Beleive In Ghosts She Laughs At Me When I Talk About Ghosts, I Was Talking About Ghosts One Day She Said Theres NO Way Theres A Ghost A Few Hours Later We Forgot About The Ghost Thing And Kept Working I Walked Out Of A Room And Saw My Coworker Running Down The Hall I Said Whats Up She Said She Walked By The Dining Room And Saw A Man Sitting At The Table.

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