Well I have always been able to see spirits. Sometimes they follow me to school and Sometimes to my friends house but mostly home. I was able to see spirits since I was 5 years old. We live next to the oldest standing house in our city. Most of my relatives died in that house and my grandpa died in mine.

One night I woke up from a horrible nightmare and sat awake till 3:00AM when I got really hot and really cold and I had a bad feeling in my gut and felt like someone was watching me. And then It felt as though someone was laying right next to me.

I even had an experience in class too I was sitting there talking to my friends about my experiences and I got really warm but had goosebumps. I then felt something grope my leg and even touch my neck a few times.

I was six when this one happened, I was awake one night at 3:00 in the morning again and I got a feeling of a presences I turned and looked near my door and saw this little girl with a broken neck wearing a pioneer dress and she floated from my door way to the end of my movie case. A year later we found a diary in my basement explaining how some of my pioneer relatives came to the great salt lake city and most of her children died from disease and one of her little girls fell under the wagon and broke her neck.

And the best for last
I was sitting in my room when loud pounding sound that sounded like it was coming from my ceiling happened that continued for about and hour and then stopped. I then started to hear footsteps going up and down my stairs near my room no one else heard it to check it out. It was like there were children running up and down the stairs. After about ten minutes the footsteps slowed and when they came to my door the door opened just a crack and it ran back down. and then they went even slower with a thump thump thump and thats when I started calling for my brother. When I heard his bed creak from getting up They ran down the stairs and stopped. My brother didn't hear anything and didn't find anyone awake or in the house. No one heard anything and when he left me alone I heard my name whispered into my ear three times.

Also I saw for shadow figures standing in my room when they saw me they vanished. (not the same incident as above.)

Since then my experiences have slowed down but they haven't stopped being violent.

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