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I was about 10 or 11 at the time and my best friend sophie was staying with me my mum was sitting on the sofa so was myself and sophie.

my dad was sitting on the floor listening to his music on the laptop. My mum had phoned a chinese and me and sophie went through and decided to help her in the kitchen, my dad was still in the living room on the laptop.

We came back through with the food and my dad looked as though he had seen a ghost he was soooooo scared i asked "dad are you ok you look as though you have seen a ghost ?" .

He said to me "_______ im fine except from i have seen a ghost " i nearly dropped my dinner i was really scared i said dad what on earth did this thing look like, he said it was a rather small boy and he was looking at my dad in a blue suit very blue to be precise.

There was one more encounter after that it went on for about 7 years i used to here footsteps all the time becuase i have a carpet but very creeky floorboards and i used to think it was just noises of nature but as i got older i realised it wasnt, i was so scared but now it has stopped so i am not scared of my room anymore.

Another creepy encounter was on bonfire night which is the 5th november. what happened was my mum and my big brothers mum and my big brother and my little brother were all standing drinking wine in my hall waiting to get something to eat , they were standing next to my mums room and my mums room door was open and they could see very clearly in.

my mum has a dressing table and it has 6 drawers on it and it has a space to do your office work when all of a sudden one of the 6 drawers flew open and also it had my dead granpas picture on top of everything in that drawer.

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