underwood indiana/ bridgewater cemetery

(scottsburg indiana)

my friends and I have gone several times and every time we have had some sort of encounter. our electronic devices die, athough they have fresh batteries. on one trip we took several pictures and in everyone with my certain friend in it there was something around her. even if it was a group picture or i had someone stand in the same spot she just did. i tried to post the pics several months later a found only one was still on my camera! the one that was on there was one that was a random shot into the woods. when i took the pic there was a blur on the left side. thats why i kept it. i just looked at that pic and there is no blur at all. we have heard an seen many many things out there. it hasnt had any real investigation in at least 5 years from what i can tell. it needs to be revisited along with pigeon roost cemetery(indian massacre). 9/3/2012 will be the 200 year anniversary of the massacre. would be a great time to go!

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