Tyler mick igna

by Nick igna
(im somewhere)

I was only 13 at the time, to my parents it was okay to walk around town at 13. so one day I went to go to my aunties house when I was halfway I decided to take a short cut, I remember going down this tall hill and hearing my name. "hmm?" I looked around. nothing is here. I was the only one out here, I decided to take a break and heard my papa who passed's voice "Nick get your pale a** in the house!" I looked around and saw a white faded figure I shook it off and walked off. eventually when I did get there to my aunts house. I told here what I heard "Nick stop being crazy" she said, 'too late to go back to the house' I thought. I took a shower the house didn't have a lock. my niece lived with auntie, I heard the door open and rolled my eyes. but then the shower curtain opened, only to see nothing. I was alone in the house and thought nothing of it but I was creeped out, after a few minutes I let go of my bosom and un covered my lower body to continue washing my hair. an hour later I was still in the shower (I like really long showers), and the curtain opened again. I felt cold like fingers go over my bosom I whimpered, then it clawed me (it left a scar from my bosom to my knees), then suddenly I felt something moving inside me. I screamed in pain tears falling freely mixing in with the water drops, the thing (or person) appered its face pale its eyes gone. half of its face was normal (if you look up cute emo boys its face looks like one of the photos) the other half was scraped and cut like he was in a car wreak,when he finally faded and the grip on my sides left I fell to the floor.

when my aunt came home with my niece, (niece) went into the bathroom and screamed in horror. I woke up and got up not realizing I was bleeding from the cuts and from my lower area. I was sent to the hospital, they asked what the boy looked like "he was pale he looked like he was in a car wreak to..." after I told them what he looked like they looked at each other their eyes widened "what?" "Tyler wiliams died a year ago he went crazy and his parents drowned him in the bathroom and his parents and uncle raped him" I blacked out

that was f**king scary to know I was raped by a ghost
my name isn't Nick I said that to protect my identity
I put igna so you wont now my last name

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